Filling Requirements

Integrated top membrane to reduce splash risk; no special precautions needed

Enable filling at higher speeds for greater productivity

Tray Handling

Integrated top membrane contains and protects product, effectively reduces risk of splash/fly-out incidents for more flexibilty during filling, loading, unloading, or transport

Trays can be stacked for transport and storage after lyophilization

Impact on Thermal Transfer

Flexible, thin film base allows for uniform tray-to-shelf contact, minimizing air gaps and improving thermal transfer


Efficient barrier protection effectively reduces risk of cross-contamination


Reduced risk of fly-out means:

  • productivity and production yields remain high
  • fewer unanticipated clean-ups to slow productivity

Product Recovery

Fast, simple recovery process: use integrated spout or cut bottom film to recover product

Remedial Cleanings

By protecting against spills and fly-outs, the need for additional remedial cleanings or validations is effectively reduced