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COVID-19: Our Current Path Forward

Posted May 11, 2020

We are committed to doing what is right for our Associates and the customers and communities who rely on our products. Read a message from Gore’s Enterprise Leadership Team to learn more about our efforts.


PolyVent Stainless Steel Brings Premium Performance and Durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series

Posted July 13, 2020

PolyVent Stainless Steel brings premium performance and durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series. Its premium-quality materials and construction durably withstand the worst hazards: from aggressive industrial chemicals and cleaners to corrosion-inducing salty offshore environments. For added safety, a flammability-resistant GORE™ membrane (UL 94 VTM-0) and O-ring (UL 94 V-0) complement the non-flammable stainless steel body.


Profit From Unparalleled Airflow Performance And Greater Reliability For Your Wearable Devices.

Posted February 18, 2020

As the global market for wearable devices and particularly smart watches grows dramatically, Gore is continually developing advanced venting solutions to give your wearable technology the competitive edge. The new PE14 (Black) and PE15 (White) 5 bar Pressure Vents are the latest examples of that.


Gain the edge with greater contamination protection, deeper immersion capabilities and exceptional acoustic performance

Posted December 9, 2019

Introducing GORE® Acoustic Vent - Product Model GAW342.


Happy H2 To You!

Posted October 4, 2019

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day is observed on October 8 (10.08); do you know why?


Article: Nimble Leadership (Harvard Business Review)

Posted July 11, 2019

Through a study conducted by MIT, using qualitative data and conducting interviews, MIT researchers provide an inside look at the cultural touchstones that set Gore apart as an innovative company, as featured in the Harvard Business Review.


Article: Expanding the Scope of Single-Use Technologies

Posted July 2, 2019

Single-use systems increasingly need to withstand the rigors of cold chain handling at -40°C to -80°C, particularly for packaging valuable bulk drug product for shipment. Read the article in Genetic Engineering to learn more about how Gore is helping to advance single-use technology in the pharmaceutical space.


Article: The GORE-TEX Eye (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Posted May 13, 2019

Innovation is at the heart of Gore. You may know us for GORE-TEX Jackets, ELIXIR Guitar Strings, medical devices and countless products for industrial applications, but we're always adding to the list. Read the article from Bloomberg Businessweek to learn more about Gore’s new ventures and how we are always advancing our technologies.


Enabling Technology for the design of lighter, leaner battery packs: New GORE Low Pressure Evacuation Vent

Posted April 25, 2019

Battery pack manufacturers across the globe are working to design optimized, reliable battery packs for battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (BEVs / PHEVs). The battery packs of the future will require less space, volume, and weight than current designs, while still providing reliable protection for battery components during normal and severe driving conditions.


Apollo Anniversary: Gore Products Made It to the Moon

Posted March 22, 2019

Our products supported getting men to the moon, were involved in the experiments on the moon, and helped the astronauts to navigate back home safely.


New Container Protects Bulk Frozen Biopharmaceuticals

Posted March 19, 2019

Trends in the biopharmaceuticals market prompted the development of a new high-performance pouch that addresses the mechanical and purity challenges of packaging bulk drug product at low temperatures. The GORE® STA-PURE™ Flexible Freeze Container maintains package integrity after freezing at -86° C (-123° F) and it's durable design minimizes product loss due to package failure.


Gore Once Again One of Spain’s Top Employers

Posted March 8, 2019

W. L. Gore y Asociados, S.L. (Gore) ranked 11 among mid-sized companies on the “Best Workplaces 2019 en España” list.


Reduce Failure. Enhance Yields.

Posted January 31, 2019

There are several technical challenges during high-volume assembly of printed circuit boards that can jeopardize the integrity of MEMS microphones. Gore’s design and engineering teams have developed a unique solution – new GORE MEMS Protective Vents.

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