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ViaCyte and W. L. Gore & Associates Announce Collaborative Research Agreement to Develop Novel Implantable Delivery Technologies for Cell Therapies

Posted March 28, 2017

ViaCyte, Inc. and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. today announced a collaborative research agreement to develop novel implantable cell therapy delivery device technologies that provide protection from immune rejection.


Good Things in a Smaller Package for Under-Hood Electronics: NEW GORE® Adhesive Vent AVS 110

Posted May 15, 2017

As electronic motors, sensors, actuators and control units become more sophisticated and high-value, their enclosures are becoming smaller and more densely configured. Gore’s new small-footprint, low-profile, all-membrane GORE® Adhesive Vent AVS 110 offers innovative benefits for these under-hood and under-chassis electronic enclosures.


Advancing Diabetes Treatment

Posted May 5, 2017

A partnership between Gore and the biotech company ViaCyte could open new possibilities for people with diabetes.


GORE® Foam Liner: High Roll-Off Series

Posted April 18, 2017

GORE® Packaging Vents’ new High Roll-Off Series delivers our most advanced membrane technology in a full-surface foam liner, to achieve a new level of resistance to container deformation and leaks – especially for applications where your most hazardous or aggressive chemicals are exposed to the most extreme conditions during storage, transport or handling.


GORE® Foam Liner: Standard Series

Posted April 18, 2017

GORE® Packaging Vents’ new Standard Series provides improved GORE™ Membrane technology in a full-surface foam liner construction. The Standard Series brings added versatility, economy and safety to a wide range of more typical or “everyday” packaging applications.


How to Recognize a Genuine GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800)

Posted March 23, 2017

Starting in March, GORE Universal Pipe Gaskets will be made with printing on each item for easy identification.


NEW GORE® Automotive Vents for Weldable Installation: Breakthrough technology for increasingly stringent reliability requirements in automotive electronics

Posted March 9, 2017

Introducing Gore's new High Wep Series: Nearly twice the Water Entry Pressure (WEP) resistance, with high airflow and temperature stability.


Looking for the Perfect Tone

Posted March 7, 2017

That moment of joyful anticipation, feeling the natural grip under your fingertips and then playing those first few chords. You listen to the tone and realize: Right out of the package the strings have the crisp tone you desire. But there's also something more that makes these strings stand out.


New GORE® Acoustic Vent: An Advancement in Acoustic Performance

Posted February 14, 2017

The new GORE Acoustic Vent ensures exceptional levels of acoustic performance and consistency. Furthermore it is optimized for use in any devices that require IPX8-level protection, contamination-resistance and provided in black color for darker colored devices.


Taking Product Testing to the Next Level

Posted November 17, 2016

Imagine a place where temperatures can range from 58 degrees below zero to a blistering 122 degrees (-50 to 50 degrees Celsius), where relative humidity can vary between five and 98 percent and where winds can go from non-existent to near gale-force — all in one day.


First Energy's Fort Martin power station in West Virginia installs GORE Mercury Control System to substantially reduce mercury emissions

Posted July 18, 2016

Fort Martin demonstrates a new environment technology for the media.


PolyVent Stainless Steel Brings Premium Performance and Durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series

Posted July 13, 2016

PolyVent Stainless Steel brings premium performance and durability to GORE® Protective Vents Screw-In Series. Its premium-quality materials and construction durably withstand the worst hazards: from aggressive industrial chemicals and cleaners to corrosion-inducing salty offshore environments. For added safety, a flammability-resistant GORE™ membrane (UL 94 VTM-0) and O-ring (UL 94 V-0) complement the non-flammable stainless steel body.


New GORE® Pressure Vent PE12: Faster Pressure Equalization at IPX8

Posted July 12, 2016

Gore’s new PE12 Series takes pressure-venting reaction time and device protection to a whole new level. It delivers oleophobic IPX8 protection with our highest-ever airflow, to equalize pressures faster and react faster to minimize acoustic distortion caused by transducer bias.

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