Gore provides reliable, high flex life cable systems for nuclear reprocessing, storage and decommissioning applications. These custom solutions are radiation tolerant, flame retardant, chemical resistant and provide a cable solution with reduced cable diameter and weight. For harsh environments where medium to high radiation is present, Gore provides reliable cable solutions that won’t decompose. All materials are Halogen free, rated 10 to 8 Rad tolerant and are UL certified. Gore's unique termination style ensures a reliable transition from cable to connector. By using Milene as part of the insulation, Gore also provides a smaller cable solution.  Gore designs and manufactures unique cable systems for the most complex and challenging cable management problems that face the Nuclear Industry.

Factors to Consider at the Design Stage
  • Electrical requirements for each component
  • Conductor material and stranding
  • Insulation material
  • Internal and external EMI shielding
  • Cable flex life
  • Environmental requirements
  • Jacketing material properties
  • Positioning of components within a cable design
Cable Can Include Non-Electrical Components
  • Strain members
  • Hydraulic tubes
  • Fluid lines
  • Connector Systems
Connector Systems

Experience has shown that the probable area of failure is at the connector to cable interface. Gore has developed a range of backfittings and moldings to reduce stress points, thereby increasing system reliability.

Strain Member Termination

Through experience and testing, methods have been developed for including strain members within cable designs for retrieval and lifting purposes. Unique termination methods have been designed by Gore for strain members of this type. Pull test certification can be provided.


  • Halogen-free materials
  • Custom cable solutions
  • UL certified


  • High flex life
  • Reduced cable diameter and weight
  • Radiation tolerant
  • Flame retardant
  • Chemical resistant

Product Specifications

Radiation Tolerance Total dose 5 x 106 grays (5 x 108rad )
Wide Temperature Range -20°C to +90°C
Flame Retardant UL and European Standards
Bend Radius Static: 5 x cable diameter
Dynamic: 10x cable diameter




Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.