In marine geophysical exploration applications, physical space is at a premium — and given the distance to replacement products, reliability is crucial. Whether the explorations include marine surveys or off-shore construction, cables must deliver strong electrical performance and do so efficiently.

GORE Power Pair Cables deliver high performance with reduced dimensions while providing a higher voltage rating than conventional power pairs. Because of their efficient construction, our cables offer considerable weight and space savings, reduced outer diameter and the highest-available performance for streamer cables.

We build the cables using only the highest-quality, multi-layered, concentric and pinhole-free insulations over each conductor. Each cable can operate in wide temperature ranges, and is compatible with streamer fluids and a variety of other floatation media.

Features & Benefits

Gore innovates with advanced materials to deliver high performance in products that are often smaller and lighter than competitors’. This is true of our GORE Power Pair Cables, which feature:

  • lowest-available weight and smallest-available outer diameter
  • thin polyester-based multi-layer insulation
  • pinhole-free insulation
  • high abrasion and cut-through resistance

These features provide manufacturers and end users with:

  • longer cable life (and reduced overall costs)
  • excellent electrical performance
  • smaller streamer cable diameter
  • enhanced stripping and bonding
  • high mechanical stability

If you have any questions about GORE Power Pair Cables, please contact us.

Technical Data

For product specifications, please review this technical data for 16 AWG GORE Power Pair Cables.

Operating Voltage 600 V DC
Test Voltage 3500 V DC
Test Voltage in Water 600 V DC / 10 min.
Insulation Resistance for 10 min. in Water ≥800 M Ω *1000 m @ 500 V DC
Operating Temperature –55°C up to +105°C
Outer Diameter 3.5 mm


Product Comparison

In a test comparing GORE Power Pair Cables and conventional power conductors, our cables demonstrated a smaller diameter, lighter weight and higher voltage rating.

16 AWG Conventional Power Pairs (HYTREL®) GORE™ Power Pair Cables % Difference
Diameter (mm) 4.8 3.5 –27%
Weight (kg/m) 30.2 24.0 –20%
Voltage Rating (V DC) 500 600 +20%



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.