A seal is meant to provide security — permanently, until the seal is removed.

Long-term security can be difficult for industrial sealants due to forces that can weaken materials or even break the seal. In the environment surrounding the seal, various chemistries, temperatures and pressures can put the seal at risk.

Gore’s proprietary technology allows our sealants to maintain these seals with very little risk. Pipes and other equipment stay in place, industrial liquids are transported reliably, and our customers can count on greater production efficiency (and financial savings). Reliably containing chemicals and materials of all sorts ensures particulates and toxins won’t be released into the environment. In other words: The stronger the seal, the cleaner the air.

Our robust sealants maintain their mechanical properties because they’re creep-resistant, can withstand wide temperature ranges, and offer superior material strength. This is due to the material attributes of ePTFE, which we engineer in each application to offer the optimal range of properties. ePTFE:

  • is hydrophobic and chemically inert, so it doesn’t react to the materials it seals
  • is thermally stable, able to withstand wide temperature ranges to maintain a tight seal
  • has superior tensile strength, giving sealants dimensional stability that prevents them from breaking or becoming brittle despite escalating temperatures or mechanical forces

From flat sheets to thin tape and form-in-place sealants — available to fit flanges of any size or configuration — sealants from Gore stay in place despite the stressors they encounter, even over time.