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  GORE® Mercury Control System

Simply Compliant

The GORE® Mercury Control System offers a simple and effective way to comply with regulatory requirements. Based on a novel Sorbent Polymer Composite (SPC) material developed by Gore, it provides both high efficiency and a high capacity for removing elemental and oxidized mercury from flue gas streams. In addition, it also reduces SO2 concentrations. Due to the unique chemistry employed, the SPC material is insensitive to process or material changes that impact mercury speciation and to common sorbent “poisons” such as SOx and VOCs. This allows it to continually reduce mercury and SO2 concentrations in a gas stream for long periods of time before needing replacement.


  • Robust Compliance for Elemental & Oxidized Mercury
  • Low Operational Costs

Cement Applications

Robust and scalable system enables simple, and effective NESHAP compliance for the cement industry.

Utility Boiler Applications

Simple modular compliance solution is scalable without impacting coal fired boiler utility plant operations.