Vents for Agricultural Applications
Design versatility offers vented container solutions for pesticides, fertilizers and sanitizers. These container vents are the ideal solution available today for low surface tension fluids such as those containing organics and surfactants.
3 Vents for Liquid Fertilizer Packaging

Vents for Fertilizer Packaging Applications

Designed for complex liquid fertilizer formulations

The global fertilizer business is experiencing an increased demand for production of complex liquid fertilizer formulations designed to feed and promote growth in crops and plants. Liquid fertilizers are becoming popular due to their ease of handling and compatibility with other crop protection chemicals, however the active ingredients in liquid fertilizers can liberate gas and when combined with changes in altitude and temperature cause container deformation via bloating or collapsing. Bloated or distorted containers can impact consumer brand preference and indirectly affect product sales. In some cases containers could explode under pressure resulting in spills or leaks. Our unique packaging vents equalize pressure in liquid fertilizer containers without the need for increased headspace or container wall thickness, saving you money!

Common causes of off-gassing include:

  • Chemical impurities
  • Chemical interactions
  • Decomposition
  • Temperature/climate changes
  • Altitude changes

Common applications that use GORE® Packaging Vents include:

  • Organic fertilizers
  • Foliar fertilizers
  • Fertilizer supplements
  • Gardening fertilizers
  • Horticultural fertilizers
  • Chelated products

The Alternative to Increased Head Space and Thicker Containers

Packaging designers often increase the head space or build thicker or reinforced wall containers as a means to control or to reduce the chances of container distortion. These changes in design can prove to be quite costly when considering the increase in material costs. In addition these changes do not guarantee that the container will maintain their shape. Designed to handle a range of compound liquid fertilizer formulations, GORE® Packaging Vents eliminate the need to increase head space and container wall thickness.

Realize the Benefits of GORE® Packaging Vents:

  • Equalizes pressure and prevents liquid fertilizer containers from distortion or deformation
  • Protects against product leaks or loss regardless of altitude, temperature or climate change
  • Minimizes risk of container burst or explosion
  • Reduces container weight, shipping costs and recycling costs
  • Integrates easily into current packaging without need for packaging redesign
  • Ensures package integrity throughout the life of the container, minimizing accidents, spills and label damage


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations