Industrial Baghouse Filters: Filter Bags & Cartridges
GORE™ membrane technology provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust cake release.
Industrial Baghouse Filters
Industrial Baghouse Filters

GORE® Filter Bags & Cartridges

GORE® Filtration Products provide a thorough and reliable solution for optimizing your air filtration system.

  • Baghouse Filters - Chemical Industry
    Chemicals Industry
    Our filter bag and cartridge products can help you meet the most stringent emissions regulations required of chemical processors. More importantly, they contribute to improved product capture and system optimization.
  • Baghouse Filters - Metals Industry
    Metals Industry
    An extremely efficient filtration solution that maximizes the output of your furnace and lets you keep capital investments, energy costs, and maintenance to a minimum.
  • Baghouse Filters - Minerals Industry
    Minerals Industry
    We are recognized by cement producers all over the world as the leader in high-performance filter media for kiln/mill, alkali, and other pulse jet or reverse air baghouses. GORE® Filter Bags and Cartridges provide emissions control, production increases, and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.
  • Baghouse Filters - Power Generation
    Incineration & Power Generation Industries
    GORE® PTFE membrane filter bags provide near zero emissions while increasing steam production or waste processing. We can help you comply with current and pending legislation regarding PM2.5 and heavy metals in submicron sized particles.
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