Webinar: Improving Cable Performance in Harsh Environments

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Free Webinar: Improving Cable Performance in Harsh Environments


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Cables are often the last component considered when designing an electronic system. However, cables are really the system’s lifeline; if a cable fails, the entire system can stop functioning. Cable performance is based on a number of factors including reliability, durability, and signal integrity. Electrical, mechanical, and environmental stressors can negatively affect good cable performance This presentation investigates the impact of demanding conditions on cable systems. It discusses the significance of using advanced materials specifically engineered to ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Electrical, mechanical, and environmental factors that affect cable performance
  • Importance of selecting materials engineered to withstand harsh conditions
  • Unique challenges of harsh environments such as those encountered in aerospace, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries
  • Proven test methods to ensure reliable performance


About the Speakers

Tom Sharp With 25 years of experience in the defense industry, Tom Sharp has worked in the Electronic Products Division at W. L. Gore & Associates as a Product Specialist and Application Engineer for seven years. Tom draws on his experience as an Air Force Avionics Specialist during Desert Storm and now focuses on new product development of advanced cable solutions. Prior to joining Gore, he was employed by a prime aerospace contractor, leading product team integration of communication and navigation systems on a principal military platform. He has many years of membership service with SAE International and is a member of IEEE. Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies and a Master of Business Administration from Widener University.
Paul Warren For 30 years, Paul Warren has worked in PTFE-based wire and cable engineering at W. L. Gore & Associates, specializing in automated cable systems and cables used in demanding environments of the semiconductor, aerospace, and energy industries. Paul has served on many electrical standard committees, recently leading the Cable Assembly Specification Subcommittee for the Camera Link Committee. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, with post-graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Paul serves on the board of First State Robotics, promoting science and technical careers among high-school students.


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