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Portable electronic devices worldwide rely on Gore vents and engineering support to improve acoustic performance and extend device durability.
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Under Water: Gore Demonstrates Portable Electronics Protection Capabilities in Two New Videos

Gore Product Specialist Takes a Shower with a Cell Phone

Elkton, MD (June 27, 2012)—In two new videos recorded at CTIA WIRELESS® 2012 in New Orleans in May, Chuck Seipel, Gore's Product Specialist for the company's Portable Electronic Vents (PEV) Business Unit, describes and demonstrates Gore's expanded range of vents that protect sensitive electronics from water, dust and dirt while maintaining the integrity of sound transmission.

Seipel is shown actually taking a shower while holding a cell phone to vividly demonstrate the protective capabilities of Gore's venting material.

The first of the two brief videos is a CTIA "Buzz Zone" interview with Chuck where he explains the four product lines offered by Gore to protect both infrastructure (base stations, cell towers, etc.) and portable electronic devices such as cell phones and tablet PCs.

This is interspersed with shots of Seipel under the shower set up in Gore's booth, with water directly impacting the cell phone. "We're not just an engineering materials company," he emphasizes in the interview. "We're concerned about the fitness for use for the device at the engineering level. We work with customers on how to use our material and design it into the product."

The second video moves from the "Buzz Zone" studio to the Gore booth at CTIA WIRELESS®, where Chuck is shown standing under a steady shower of water in the "Rain Room" set up by Gore to demonstrate the imperviousness to water that its portable electronics venting material provides.

The Android smartphone used by Chuck is equipped with GORE® Portable Electronic Vents over the acoustic opening, and the demonstration simulates a person caught outside in a rain storm. Chuck runs through all of the phone's features, including placing a call, to demonstrate how it continues to work flawlessly.

To view both videos and for more information on GORE® Portable Electronic Vents, visit gore.com/portableelectronics.

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