With billions of vents performing reliably around the world, you can be confident that we understand the challenges you face and can solve them to preserve the integrity of your product.
Automotive Vents
Portable Electronic Vents
Protective Vents
GORE® Automotive Vents allow rapid exchange of air in response to pressure changes and, unlike traditional venting options, protect against contamination by water, automotive fluids, and dust.
Packaging Landing
GORE® Packaging Vents are a result of GORE’s experience in developing special gas-permeable microporous membranes that can repel liquids and microparticles.
  • GORE® Protective Vents for Lighting Enclosures
    Lighting Enclosures
    GORE® Protective Vents reliably protect outdoor lighting enclosures from condensation and contamination, for longer-life lighting systems.
  • GORE® Protective Vents for Telecommunications
    Telecommunication Systems
    GORE® Protective Vents extend the reliability and life expectancy of telecommunications equipment even in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • GORE® Protective Vents for Solar Systems
    Solar Energy Systems
    GORE® Protective Vents improve solar energy system performance, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • GORE® Protective Vents for Heavy Duty Applications
    Heavy Duty Equipment
    GORE® Protective Vents extend the Life Expectancy of Heavy-Duty Construction, Agricultural and Material-Handling Equipment.
  • GORE® Protective Vents for other segments
    Other Outdoor Applications
    GORE® Protective Vents for Peak Performance of Surveillance, Security and Tracking Systems, and Other Outdoor Electronics.
smart phone at the pool
GORE® Portable Electronic Vents preserve high-quality sound transmission even when exposed to water, dust and other contaminants. They also enable longer product life by equalizing pressure inside sealed devices.