Semiconductor & Microelectronics
Gore technologies offer improvements throughout the sensitive fabrication process.
Protecting quality with non-shedding and chemically inert products

Gore Products Increase Process Yields and Improve Throughput

For more than 30 years, Gore has worked closely with the worldwide semiconductor industry. We understand its stringent requirements for purity and reliability, and provide products that help to increase process yields, reduce equipment downtime, improve throughput and lower costs.

Gore’s PTFE-based products are:

  • Reliable
  • Chemically inert
  • Exceptionally pure

Specially engineered filters, cables and gaskets ensure clean, efficient and consistent flow of ultrapure water and process fluids. Designed to enable leading edge technologies, they address material challenges throughout the semiconductor fabrication process.

Unique high-flow, high retention filters improve the integrity of purified liquids from the point of manufacture to the point of use or distribution in semiconductor and other microelectronics manufacturing. They can provide a drop-in retention upgrade without sacrificing process efficiency.

GORE® Microfiltration Media is the standard for critical liquid filtration applications such as semiconductor processing. It enables the highest-performing filters in the microelectronics industry today.

GORE® Cables, with superior electrical and mechanical performance, can reduce particulation and improve system performance and yield. Non-shedding and chemically-inert versions are specially designed for clean-room use.

Challenging EMI issues can easily be eliminated with Gore’s unique shielding materials.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing process or designing a new facility, Gore engineers can work with your team to identify, select and test the best products for your specific needs.

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