Gore's advanced products allow military forces to focus on their missions, without concerns about their gear.
Completing critical missions with dependability


Technically advanced Gore products allow military forces to focus on their mission without concerns about gear or equipment performance. Gore fabrics protect soldiers from cold, wind, driving rain, sleet and sandstorms. Electronic interconnects assure signal transmission for navigation and weapon telemetry. In aircraft, Gore materials seal access panels and illuminate panel displays.

When it comes to critical gear and equipment, military forces know that every Gore product is reliable where it really counts-in the field.

Gore specializes in the development of high-performance protective apparel for the harsh and demanding environments routinely encountered by military forces throughout the world. With Gore fabrics, soldiers benefit from the knowledge of a committed team of scientists, engineers, and product experts who understand the complex functional needs of the military user.

Where signal transmission is concerned, Gore's experience, unique capabilities, and broad electronic product offering enable customers to significantly reduce program risk. Due to their superior electrical performance, Gore's cables and cable assemblies -- microwave, round and flat -- have been used regularly for power and data transmission applications in fighters, ships and missiles. They're found in countermeasure systems, radar, navigational aids and ordinance and stores systems, among other land and sea applications.

In aircraft sealing applications (panels, floorboards, windshields, antennas, and fuel tanks), maintenance personnel use GORE SKYFLEX® Aircraft Sealant  to protect against moisture and corrosion and dramatically reduce aircraft downtime. For electronic devices designed for durability, GORE® Protective Vents provide protection from particles and liquids while allowing for breathability and rapid pressure equalisation.  The vents also provide acoustic protection in products such as two-way radios.