Industrial and Manufacturing
Gore technologies reduce emissions, curtail eakage and help make operations more efficient.
Creating a safer, cleaner work environment

Industrial and Manufacturing

Gore technologies meet the demands of an array of industrial applications. Products include sealants for chemical manufacturing and fibers for industrial equipment covers, filter bags for pollution control and vents for containers of industrial cleaning solutions. Gore also produces electronic cables for automated equipment and microfiltration membranes for silicon chip manufacturing. Gore products for equipment manufacturers and large-scale end-use customers, which often are custom-designed, deliver the best possible combination of value and performance in use.

Gore products meet diverse contamination control and processing challenges throughout industry.

Vessels, pumps, valves and piping systems are sealed effectively by Gore's family of gaskets, packing materials and diaphragms. Pump tubes safely transport chemicals and other solutions.

Gore's high-performance filter media provide emissions control, production increases and the lowest overall maintenance and costs for industry. Whether in the minerals, metals, chemicals or power generation and incineration industries, GORE® membrane filter bags can improve filtration system performance.

GORE® Membranes for liquid filtration provide excellent efficiency in applications with high flow rates and high concentrations of feed solids.

GORE® Microfiltration Media, used in semiconductor, microelectronics and pharmaceutical processes, allow high rates of airflow while remaining waterproof. The media permit gas molecules to pass freely through the voids of the membrane, but filter out particles and aerosols.

Gore also offers chemically resistant, high-temperature fibers for demanding filtration and industrial applications. Inert and non-aging, the fibers may be woven into dimensionally stable air or liquid filter media.

Where liquids held in plastic packaging face changes in temperature and pressure, GORE® Packaging Vents permit pressure relief while repelling liquids and microparticles. In so doing, they prevent leakage while protecting the product from external contamination. Similarly, GORE® Protective Vents provide protection of portable and stationary devices that are exposed to harsh environments or require durability. The vents also provide acoustic protection in products such as two-way radios.

Industrial equipment designers choose Gore cables and cable assemblies for their durability and strong performance, precise signal control, high packaging density and long life in harsh environments. High-performance GORE flat and round cables and cable assemblies are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, flying chips and sparks, chemicals, radioactive areas, vacuum, clean rooms and mechanical abrasion and cutting.