Gore's respect for the environment is a natural outgrowth of our legacy of responsible innovation.
Composting organic waste streams more efficiently and economically compared to landfills


Gore has pioneered technologies that protect the environment while maximising industrial productivity. GORE® Filtration Media destroy harmful dioxins and limit toxic emissions. Gore's sensing devices map soil contaminants and guide remediation. Our laminate covers accelerate organic waste treatment. And Gore membrane electrode assemblies lie at the heart of fuel cells, one of the world’s most promising alternative energy sources.

Gore technologies have been capturing environmental contaminants for more than 30 years.

Gore is a leader in technically advanced filtration systems that meet the most stringent emissions regulations. Gore's offering includes not only high-performance filter bags, cartridges and membranes for air and liquid filtration, but also the hands-on technical expertise to optimise customers' filtration systems and, ultimately, to improve productivity.

By converting dangerous dioxin and furan gases from incinerators and cement kilns into harmless components, GORE® REMEDIA® Catalytic Filtration System represents a step-change in the filtration industry. The GORE® REMEDIA® Catalytic Filtration System is the simplest and most cost-effective way to meet dioxin regulations. It is safer for the environment, safer for employees and easier to use than competitive technologies.

The GORE® Cover System is a technology for organic waste treatment. The GORE® Cover System accelarates the composting process while minimising odours and preventing the transmission of bacteria to the air.