Computer, Telecommunications, and Electronics
Gore products have helped to ensure reliability and enhance transmission quality for more than 50 years.
Providing chemical absorption and particle filtration

Computer, Telecommunications and Electronics

High performance Gore products have a 50-year history of improving signal transmission, shielding, and mechanical integrity in a variety of computing and telcommunications applications. Gore's test and measurement cables provide accurate and repeatable measurements that allow engineers to make better decisions and assessments during product design.

Over the last 50 years, Gore’s highly efficient products have made an important contribution to the improvement of signal transmission, shielding and mechanical stability in a large variety of applications.

Gore offers products with optimal signal integrity. Our wide product range includes copper- and fibreglass- based cable, cable assemblies, board material, conductive interface products and EMI sealants.

Our customers profit not only from the products themselves, but also from Gore’s extensive wealth of experience in the fields of telecommunication and computer technology, in perimeter components, boards and test and measurement technology.

Gore’s solutions for providing high speed signal transmission can be applied to a large range of cable assemblies, including copper-, microwave-, backplane- and data network- I/O cables.

In addition, Gore produces coax-, fibreglass-, flat- and round cable and also insulated wires.

Other Gore products for the computer industry are organic-dielectric compounds for packing material chips and for boards, as well as heat conduction foil.

GORE® computer drive filters and chemical absorption agents ensure that the drive area is free of particles.  For the production and cleansing of semi-conductor chips, GORE® micro-filtration media offer an excellent combination of a higher flow rate and better filter efficiency.  Gore clean-room clothing prevents human-caused impurities.

In the telecommunication sector, Gore products are used in switches, Terabit routers and cordless telephones.  GORE® cooling filters serve as coolers for transceiver stations.EMI shielding solutions insulate HF- and digital control circuits in mobile electronic devices, while GORE® ventilation elements protect machinery and housing from dust and damp.