Gore's advanced membrane technologies improve performance and enhance reliability.
Delivering reliable performance around the world


Revolutionary and reliable Gore materials are prolonging the lives of automobiles and supporting the quest for alternative fuel sources. Gore materials in headlamps, sensors, batteries, and bearings enhance vehicle reliability. The company’s fuel cell technology paves the way to clean, renewable energy.

Gore's innovative membranes are at work in today's vehicles and are a key part of the development of vehicles of tomorrow. GORE® Automotive Vents improve the reliability of many automotive components including headlamps, fog lamps, signal lamps, ECU/ABS modules, sensors, connectors, power window motors and fuel system components. GORE® Vents are used widely in autos and heavy trucks to allow rapid exchange of air in response to pressure gradients created by temperature changes. The vents also protect against contamination by water, automotive fluids and dust. Major automakers worldwide use GORE® Vents in their vehicles.

Gore's electrode technologies help power hybrid automobiles, trucks, trains and buses. Gore also offers the most advanced membrane assemblies available for the electrochemical double layer capacitors used in hybrid vehicles.

Gore's expertise in fluoropolymers and composite membranes has made it a leader in the production of the membrane electrode assemblies that form the heart of the fuel cell. As the first manufacturer to focus solely on MEAs as a fuel cell component, Gore benefits from a decade of research, development and manufacturing of these assemblies. Gore MEA products are being used by nearly all major fuel cell system developers worldwide to power a wide variety of fuel cell systems in stationary, portable and transportation applications.