Gore offers performance you can count on, when it really counts.
Withstanding the stresses of launch and the harsh environment of space

Gore’s reputation for producing reliable and ingenious products is based in part on the company’s serious and successful participation in aerospace. Gore’s technically advanced products are found in commercial, military and business aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. They have been vital and trusted components of space programs dating from the Apollo moon landings to the exploration of Mars.

In this industry where complexity is normal, high performance is essential, and a single error can mean disaster, customers know they can rely on Gore products which have been proven over four decades of service in some of the most demanding environments known.Gore's electronic products, created for a broad range of applications, have an unmatched history of success. Gore's cables and cable assemblies have been used successfully in more than 70 satellite programs. Gore cables have gone to Mars in NASA rovers and to the moon in seismographic equipment.

Gore's aerospace products reach beyond electronics, however. Gore's SKYFLEX® Aircraft Sealant protects aircraft panels, fuel tanks, floorboards, and windshields from moisture and corrosion. When woven into the outer layer of astronauts' space suits, Gore fibres resist degradation from ultraviolet rays and reliably withstand temperature extremes. And to help sensitive equipment withstand rapid changes in altitude and temperature, GORE® Membrane Vents enable pressure equalisation and protection from contaminants.

Providing reliable products used in commercial, military and business aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. They have been vital components from the Apollo moon landings to the exploration of Mars.
Addressing difficult environmental challenges with products that range from dioxin-destroying filters to sensing devices that guide soil remediation to membrane covers that accelerate organic waste treatment.
Pioneering the development of high-performance textiles. Gore began its work in this area in the 1970s with its discovery that outerwear could be both waterproof and breathable at the same time.
Prolonging the lives of automobiles, and supporting the use of alternative fuels. Gore materials enhance the performance and reliability of headlamps, motors, sensors, drive trains and fuel cells.
Industrial / Manufacturing
Meeting the demands of industry with sealants for chemical manufacturing, fibers for industrial equipment covers, filter bags for pollution control and vents for the containers of industrial cleaning solutions.
Chemical Processing
Enabling processes to run cleaner, safer and more efficiently. Gore fluoropolymers prevent contamination in the manufacture of products ranging from cement to paper and petrochemicals.
The extensive family of Gore Medical Products includes implantable medical devices and medical OEM components.
Computer / Telecom / Electronics
Improving signal transmission, shielding and mechanical integrity in a variety of computing and telecommunications applications. Gore's cables provide accurate and repeatable measurements.
Shielding soldiers from cold, wind, rain, sleet and sandstorms with technically advanced fabrics. Assuring signal transmission for navigation and weapon telemetry, and protecting aircraft from water ingress and corrosion.
Fostering technical advancement in energy production. Products include filtration devices, membranes and electrodes for energy storage, and sensors for non-invasive geochemical hydrocarbon prospecting.
Semiconductor & Microelectronics
Drawing on more than 30 years of semiconductor industry experience to meet stringent requirements for purity and reliability. Products help to increase yields, reduce downtime and improve throughput.