Make Gore products and make a difference while improving efficiency and product quality

As an essential participant in an exciting process which reaches from research, development, planning and production to sales and marketing you will be encouraged to work with a number of different teams within the organisation. Working closely with other associates you will be involved in ensuring the high quality of our innovative products and optimizing processes.

We particularly value the knowledge and engagement of our associates in manufacturing and appreciate their contribution to our position in the market.

If you are someone who loves to try out ideas, is passionately interested in technical innovation and not afraid to take initiative, you will have the opportunity at Gore to be stretched to your full potential. Along with all other Gore associates, you will be part owner of the company through our associate stock option plan. Whether you're an operator, assembler, technician or working in production support, you will find the job challenging and rewarding.  Generally the work is organised into two or three shifts and involves operating special machines.

Our technicans work in the field of electro-mechanic operations. Their tasks include independently analysing and removing faults. They are responsible for carrying out maintenance work and electro/mechanic testing of the production installations and also deal with the conversion, extension and optimisation of existing plant equipment as well as the installation of new equipment.